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Il progetto come recupero dell’identità del luogo November 2008
Review - November 2008


Essay by Francesco Gulinello for the project of recovery of De Gaetani – Minutilla House.

Francesco Gulinello is a confirmed associate professor of UNIBO, Department of Architecture, Scientific Sector disciplinary: ICAR / 14 ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION E URBANA, head of the organizational unit of the headquarters (UOS) Cesena - Department of Architecture.                                                                  

I owe a lot to Francesco Gulinello for my human, cultural and professional growth. He was my professor of modeling at the Art Institute of Cefalù from 1985 to 1989, year of my diploma, in a moment in which it is difficult to recognize the goals we want to achieve and the professional path to undertake. Francesco Gulinello was able to recognize my attitudes and skills, pushing me to attend the IUAV of Venice, where I studied and where I had a great experience thanks to the quality of the teaching and the organization of the University.

The long-standing friendship with Francesco Gulinello allowed me over the years to establish a constant comparison on project problems that I was experiencing from time to time in my various activities.

In 2008 he wrote an essay on my recovery project of  “ De Gaetani Minutilla House” in Cefalù ", which it’s possible to download from the attached pdf.