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Ristorante "Le Terme"

Cefalù 2017/2019

Villa sulla costa tirrenica
Hotel "Ossuna bay"

Cefalù 2010/2015

Edificio multifunzionale

Petralia Soprana 2012/2019

SPA Bonocore Maletto

Palermo 2010/2012

Villa in campagna

Cefalù 2016

Parco acquatico e SPA

Cefalù 2003/2007

Caffè letterario "La Galleria"

Cefalù 2002/2005

Curcio Architettura

CURCIOarchitettura, set up in 2000, can be considered a real architectural design lab where the main aims are high style and balance of the forms in the space.

The work carries out in an studio of the old centre in Cefalù, in close contact with the town, its inhabitants and the culture of the place, in order to remember that modernity exists thanks to the past.

Great attention is given to the study of the city  where the architectural work is placed in order to understand the real identity of the place, the urban dynamics, the materials to use and the environmental impact.

The professional experience gained over the years is focused on the field of Architecture and Design, particularly on the following branches: residential building, tourist hotel building, restaurants, wellness centres, renovation and recovery of the existing, interior design, sustainable architecture.

Some  projects by CURCIOarchitettura studio have got important awards and have been shown in various exhibitions also on a national level.