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Il Duomo di Cefalù - Elementare e ComplessoAugust 2013
Publication - August 2013


The cultural association "Cefalù Città di Ruggiero", in occasion of the celebrations of SS Salvatore on the evening of August 2nd , gave the prize Ruggiero II - 2013 Edition, to professor and archaeologist Amedeo Tullio, for the quantity of his publications and researches for the city of Cefalù. For this important occasion and before the delivery of the award, Giovanni Biondo, the artistic director of the association, asked me to make a short report on the Cathedral of Cefalù. To help me with this important task, Giovanni gave me the opportunity to study a relief of the Cathedral of Cefalù, carefully guarded by him, executed by Giuseppe Samonà and published for the Reale State Academy in 1939.