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La PiegaDecember 1994
Publication - December 1994


ARCHITECTURE ISSUES. Four-monthly magazine of IUAV students.

During the period of university studies at the IUAV in Venice, with a group of university colleagues, I set up a four-monthly magazine of architecture of the IUAV students and I was one of the editors.

In the first issue I edited the publication of the dialogues with some university professors, dealing with the topic of teaching and the importance of the project.

The dialogues are :

Dialogue with Giancarlo Carnevale "Five questions about teaching".

Dialogue with Gianni Braghieri "Didactics and Project".

Dialogue with Carlo Cappai and Alessandra Segantini “C + S

ASSOCIATED - public residences in Marcon (VE) ".

It should be noted that prof. Giancarlo Carnevale in the following years was Dean of the IUAV, Gianni Braghieri was Dean and founder of  "Aldo Rossi" Faculty of Cesena (University of Bologna), and the C + S ASSOCIATI studio of Carlo Cappai and Alessandra Segantini , today,  is among the most important ones at an international level with exhibitions and realization of projects both in Italy and abroad.

To read these dialogues download the attached pdf.