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Museo a Den HaagMarch 1995
Review - March 1995


Aldo Rossi - II ° architectural design course. Academic year 1992/1993. Project of a museum of modern art in Den Haag.

This publication belongs to the course of architectural design taught by Aldo Rossi , which I attended during the academic year 1992/1999.

The formative experience of the university period at the IUAV in Venice was crucial for my profession and among the many courses I attended (Giorgio Ciucci, Massimo Scolari, Gino Valle, Francesco Venezia, Carlo Magnani, Marco De Michelis, etc.), that of Aldo Rossi, considered by many specialized critics one of the most important Masters of the Italian '900, allowed me to know and

follow a rigorous method to be applied to the architectural project.

My exam project was published in the book "THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE MUSEUM with writings and projects by Aldo Rossi ", which collects lessons and some projects by course students.

I fondly remember Prof. Patrizia Montini Zimolo and prof. Gino Malacarne who, with Aldo Rossi, helped direct me towards true architecture.

An excerpt from the book is attached in pdf